Gambling at the Red Rock Hotel


It was Sunday, the day after the grand opening of the Red Rock Hotel and Casino. My wife and I decided to try out the new casino but didn’t want to face the crowd. We arrived at six o’clock in the morning, and the place was nearly empty. Red Rock is a beautiful gaming club with new slot machines, restaurants, and bars. The entrance and lobby were spacious and striking. The floor was made of marble which made the casino look even more extravagant. The security and hotel workers were gracious and courteous. All the waitresses were smiling and quick to service the people on the slot machines. Most hotels and casinos’ offer free drinks to customers playing on the slots.

I was feeling down because of losing one hundred dollars at the previous hotel. My favorite gambling venues are the slot machines. The slots that I usually play are the quarter Wheel of Fortune. After fifteen minutes, I was able to win fifty bucks. Now that my luck was turning around I wanted to try the dollar Wheel of Fortune slots. The machine that I picked was close to the busy walkway across the main entrance. I put in twenty dollars to start. I pulled the lever once and hit the free spin. The free spin is located at the top of the machine. When prompted, I pressed the lit button to activate the free spin.  The highest win is $1000.00, and the lowest is $25.00. As the spin started to slow down, it slowly pointed at the $25.00 slot, and then suddenly it landed on the $1,000.00 slot! I couldn’t believe my eyes I won a $1,000.00!

My wife came over to me and started laughing she couldn’t believe what happened. We both were trying to focus at the moment because we don’t usually win, especially me. I usually let my wife gamble she has better luck than I do. I grabbed the ticket and cashed it in at the cashier. A $1,000.00 felt funny I never held this much cash in my hands. There was a problem with how we are going to spend the money. The final decision was to take the family out to a breakfast buffet at the Green Valley Hotel and Casino 5 miles from home. The breakfast buffet was awesome.  There were over 50 entrees that included an omelet station, ham carving station, and a dessert station with over 100 items to choose. After the breakfast, we still walked away with over $950.00. It was an enjoyable day for the family.

Most Hawaiians who go to Las Vegas don’t always have a happy situation like I did. In fact, 98% of the Hawaiians usually go home broke or worse. When I was living in Vegas, I met a lot of locals who made Vegas their home. Most of the Hawaiians who live in Vegas decided not to gamble, but for the ones who do gamble they end up losing big time. There was this one guy that I use to work with during the day doing construction. We would get paid every Friday, and when my friend got his paycheck he would go directly to the casino and gamble all his money away within a few hours. The problem was that his family depended on the money to pay for rent and other bills. He later got evicted from his apartment and had to live with his brother. His family had to go back to Hawaii because he couldn’t stop his gambling habit. Eventually, he decided that his family more important than his gambling and went back to Hawaii.

Hawaiians are inherently giving and sharing, and because of this, they tend to go out with friends and enjoy. Gambling and drinking is one of our weaknesses and can often lead to problems. Once the trouble starts, most of them either stop and fix the problem or they simply fall and lose everything they worked hard to achieve. My friend was just one of many examples of how gambling can negatively affect Hawaiian families. I share this story because it impacts not just Hawaiians but all visitors as well.

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