A Diver’s Unexpected Adventure


Diving in Hawaii is an adventure, where I saw an amazing variety of sea life. Spearfishing is an activity that I love to do because it’s fun! In the 1970s, fish was plentiful, and I learned how to spear fish from my cousins. They also taught me how to catch other edible ocean delicacies.

I started my diving adventures in 1973 and learned from my cousins. They knew where to go and started in the morning when the sun rose over the horizon. We went to a place called Makua located on the west side of Oahu. Snorkeling in the area was a new experience for me because of the amazing sea life! The sea provides a variety of fish with assorted colors, shapes, and sizes swimming all over. Sea urchins were like black dots spread all over the ocean floor. Coral on the sea floor spread for miles and was full of life and colors. A stingray was swimming around without a care in the world. I could see porpoises flipping in the air and falling into the ocean with a big splash!

Spearing my first fish was exciting, and I kept catching more as we made our way down the coastline. Octopus is hard to catch because they use camouflage to hide. After looking for a while my cousin showed me what an octopus looks like on the ocean floor. I finally was able to catch a 3-pound octopus! We swam for miles and caught tons of fish and octopus. A few hours later, we went home and talked about the days’ catch. It was amusing to hear arguments on who caught the biggest fish. Learning how to dive from my cousins was fun and a wonderful event.

There were many other unexpected events that happened during the years I have been diving in Hawaii. Not all my diving exploits were fun and wonderful. Some were dangerous and life-threatening, but through my years of experience, I was able to avoid chaos. It is these occurrences that make life fulfilling and richer. I look forward to sharing further diving adventures.

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